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What's Included in an Express Facial Treatment?

What's Included in an Express Facial Treatment?

21-07-2019 by BeautyBooker

As a woman, you may always be on the move. Between beating the morning rush for a Pumpkin Spice Latte, to burning the midnight oil, there isn’t much time in the day for you to maintain your beauty regimen (unless you’re a beauty blogger, of course). Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or a senior executive, time is always of the essence.

That’s why the beauty industry is now offering express facial treatments. That’s right – you can now get the beauty treatments you want without sacrificing the time that you don’t have. These treatments guarantee results in about 30 minutes, leaving you relaxed, revamped, and recharged to get through the day.

What Expect During Express Facials

There are several different types of express face treatments. They have many benefits, depending on the type of treatment that you choose. Most facial treatments have the same goals:

  • Clean out the skin and provide a smooth texture
  • Provide moisture and balance the skin complexion
  • Tighten, brighten, and refresh the skin

These treatments are all typically used to clean, exfoliate, tone, and hydrate the skin. This, in turn, reveals clearer, brighter skin. The process involves preparation, consultation, application of products, massages, and specialized equipment to achieve the desired results.


You typically lay down face-up on a massage table or chair with any clothing on the top half of your body removed. A sheet is provided for you to cover yourself during the session. Your esthetician may also use a band to protect your hairline. It is important for your skin to be clear of any products, so an esthetician will remove any products. Then, cleansing milk is applied and massaged into the face. Lastly, a sponge or cotton pad is used to remove the cleanser.


After your face is dry, your esthetician will perform a consultation of your skin. Your eyes are first covered with moistened pads, and then a lighted magnifying glass is used to examine the skin. During this process, the esthetician evaluates skin elasticity by pinching it and skin thickness by pressing on it. Your esthetician will discuss any findings and ask about your regular skincare routine. During the consultation, you will discuss your skin problems and expectations of the treatment.


Next, your esthetician will apply some skincare products that are hand-picked to fulfill your skin’s needs. Brushes and spatulas are generally used to apply masks, and the hands are used to apply oils and cleansing creams. Warm damp cloths are then used to remove the skincare products from the skin.


Facial treatments also typically include a massage of your face, neck, shoulders, head, arms, and hands. These massages are considered a form of lymphatic drainage and acupressure. A lymphatic drainage massage reduces any puffiness of the skin, whereas acupressure (AKA a pressure-point massage) stimulates the muscles to improve the tone of the skin. Some skin treatments may also include back massages. The whole process should be relaxing and soothing.

Special Equipment

While products and massages feel great and improve the appearance of the skin, some treatments require the use of specialized equipment. For example:

  • Oxygen facials use high-pressure jets to push oxygen and other serums into your skin. Benefits include brightened skin, reduced inflammation, and rejuvenation of new cells and collagen.
  • Microdermabrasion facials use equipment that blasts small crystals onto the skin. These crystals help to deeply exfoliate the skin.
  • Galvanic facials use low-level currents to infuse topical medications and products into the skin. The direct current stimulates skin cell growth, softens the skin, and helps the products penetrate into deeper layers of the skin.

Do you know what the best part is? Full skin treatments usually take anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes, but express facial treatments only take about 30 minutes. However, the shortened time does mean that your treatment may only include the basic treatment routine, excluding the use of any specialized equipment. If there are any questions, your Beauty Booker specialist can talk to you about what to expect with different package treatments.

Express services are designed specifically for the modern-day busybody and customized for your unique skin care needs. These treatments can occur during your lunch break (or maybe you can skip the Pumpkin Spice one morning) and keep your skin looking bright, fresh, and young. Gone are the days of wishing there was time to pamper yourself. So, what are you waiting for? Time is of the essence!


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